Dhruva Brand Consultants is India's top mobile and online application security auditor, having built 120+ products for customers all over the world. We help with startups and organisations to guarantee application security and avoid hackers or leaks. Security audits may help you reduce false positives, rectify security issues, limit access to authorised individuals, detect vulnerabilities, and be prepared. To detect technical vulnerabilities in your mobile apps, the mobile app security audit provides end-to-end services such as application mapping and reverse engineering.

Security auditing is the process of detecting and addressing a system's security threats. In a Security Audit, organisations test and analyse their whole security posture, including cyber-security. Security audits are an important component of your entire security strategy. There are several types of security audits available to help you reach your goals and satisfy your business objectives. You may be confident that your organisation is prepared to fulfill the needs of the most recent security standards if you maintain your security audit procedure up to date. We provide the following services:

Audit's assessment criteria and scope.

Plan the security audit.

Carry out the security audit

Finish and share the results

Dhruva Brand Consultants' Unique Selling Points App Security Audit Services

Security is a critical component of online and mobile application development that cannot be overlooked, especially with the rise in cyber attacks. A third-party security audit is essential if you are developing an application that distributes proprietary information or content, such as a movie streaming application or banking information. Dhruva Brand Consultants offers startup and big organisation security assessment and advisory services to secure their apps from attacks.

Experience developing 100+ products across numerous sectors.

Strong SOP execution to guarantee Security Checklist Standard Operating Procedures.

Dedicated Project Manager to provide application security guidance to the team.

Monitoring assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor security breaches in the application.

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