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Logo Design

Our team meticulously crafted a unique and impactful logo for BALWADKAR Association, capturing its essence and values in a visually striking design. The logo serves as a symbol of identity and professionalism for the organization, leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

Visiting Card 

We designed a set of professional and visually appealing visiting cards for BALWADKAR Association, ensuring that every interaction begins with a memorable touchpoint. The sleek and elegant design reflects the organization's commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Website Development

With a focus on user experience and functionality, we developed a responsive and intuitive website for BALWADKAR Association. The website serves as a powerful tool for communication, providing visitors with easy access to information about the organization, its services, and latest updates.

Location Mapping Video

To enhance accessibility and provide valuable information to clients and customers, we created an informative location mapping video for the BALWADKAR Association. This engaging visual aid helps individuals easily locate the organization's office, streamlining the navigation process and improving overall customer experience.


Our team crafted a bespoke typography style specifically tailored to the BALWADKAR Association's brand identity. This custom typography ensures consistency across all branding materials, reinforcing brand recognition and strengthening the organization's visual presence across various platforms.

Client: Balwadkar Associates 

Category: Marketing 

Start date: Jun 2022

Finish date: Aug 2022




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