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For Nivaas Realty, we created a cutting-edge, responsive website with excellent images and smooth navigation. The website increased traffic by 30% and lead conversions by 25%. For their new commercial project, we also created an interesting brochure with professional layouts and thorough descriptions, which resulted in a 20% increase in inquiries and pleased clients. We launched focused social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, emphasizing location-based targeting and interesting content, to produce high-quality leads.

Website Development

Nivaas Realty needed a modern, responsive website to showcase their real estate projects and attract potential buyers. We developed a user-friendly website with an intuitive interface, high-quality images, and seamless navigation. As a result, the website experienced a 30% increase in traffic and a 25% improvement in lead conversion rates.

Brochure Creation

To highlight Nivaas Realty’s new commercial project, we aimed to create an engaging brochure. We designed a visually appealing brochure featuring detailed project descriptions, high-resolution images, and a professional layout. The brochure received positive client feedback and contributed to a 20% increase in inquiries.

Social Media Lead Generation

Our goal was to generate quality leads for Nivaas Realty through targeted social media campaigns. We utilized Facebook and Instagram ads, focusing on location-based targeting and engaging content.

For Nivaas Realty's commercial project, Nivaas Business Square, we provided a comprehensive range of services to enhance their brand presence. This included logo design, which served as the cornerstone of their visual identity.

Client: Nivaas Realty

Category: Real Estate

Start date:  Oct 2023

Finish date:  Jan 2024




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