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We designed and developed a modern, responsive website for FinoHub to showcase their services and solutions. The website features a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and a clean, professional look.

Key Features

Responsive Design: Optimized for viewing on all devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Interactive Elements: Features such as dynamic content and user interactions for an engaging experience.
Intuitive Navigation: Simple and logical site structure for easy access to information.
System Integration: Seamless integration with FinoHub's existing systems for streamlined operations



Brochure Development

We created an informative and visually appealing brochure for FinoHub to distribute at events and meetings. The brochure effectively communicates its value proposition and services.

Key Features

Eye-Catching Design: Incorporates FinoHub branding for a cohesive and professional appearance.
Concise Information Layout: Presents key information in a clear and accessible manner.
High-Quality Format: Print-ready with high-resolution graphics for a polished final product.


Social media Creatives 

Our team developed engaging social media creatives for FinoHub to boost their online presence and engagement. The creatives align with their brand identity and marketing goals.

Consistent Branding: Maintains a uniform look and feel across all social media platforms.
Attention-grabbing designs: Uses vibrant graphics and compelling visuals to capture attention.
Custom Graphics and Animations: Tailored content to enhance engagement and interaction.


Logo Design

We designed a distinctive and versatile logo for FinoHub that represents their brand identity and values. The logo is crafted to be easily recognizable and adaptable across various media.

Key Features

Memorable Design: A unique and striking design that stands out.
Versatility: Suitable for use across different mediums, including digital, print, and merchandise.
Brand Alignment: Reflects FinoHub's core values and professional image.
Scalability: Maintains clarity and quality at any size.

Client: Finohub

Category: Marketing

Start date: Dec 2023

Finish date: Jan 2024




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